First make sure that your design has more than one version. Here's how to add a new design version.

Inspect mode - Switching design versions

1. Go to the left sidebar and click on the "Version" icon.

2. You'll see a list of versions chronologically ordered from the bottom to the top. You can either Preview them or Open them.

TIP: Photoshop versions can be uploaded directly from this sidebar. Sketch design versions need to be uploaded with the Sketch plugin. Avocode automatically recognizes Artboards with the same ID as a new version.

Comment mode - Switching design versions

Make sure you've switched to Comment mode. 

At the bottom of the Design view you'll see a simple slider. Click on specific points in time or drag the slider to switch between design versions

NOTE: Versions are listed chronologically from the left to the right side.

NOTE: If you share a design public link with anyone outside your team, they will be able to comment and switch between design versions. In order to Inspect the design, they will have to request invitation to your team.

Solving Annotations on design Versions

When a new version is uploaded, all Annotations that are not marked as “solved” are also added to the new revision. 

If a comment is marked as “solved”, it won’t be shown on next uploaded version. However, if you open the previous version, you can see all the comments, that were solved on this particular version.

You can also Hide solved Annotations from the list view in the right side bar.

It's best to solve old Annotations from previous versions so they don't appear in a different place on a new version. 

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