NOTE: This feature is currently available only in the Avocode desktop app.

How to use this feature?

This feature is useful, when you have already exported image assets from your design, but the exactly same layers change somehow (for example, there is now a new shadow behind the logo you exported without it).

Re-export all previously exported image assets

Go to the desktop app menu File/Re-export assets or hit the SHIFT + CMD + E  (macOS) or SHIFT + CTRL + E (Windows & Linux) shortcut.

Avocode will ask you if you want to overwrite assets with the same name in the same export path folder.

Overwrite image assets

If you want to overwrite the older image assets and don't want to click OK for every layer, go to App preferences and on the general tab, you will see "Default export path." 

Check the box “Overwrite file if exists.”

Don't want to overwrite the old version? There are three options:

  1. Rename each image asset

  2. Go to the folder where you exported the previous images and move them somewhere else 


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