You can create a New project in the Avocode app.

  1. Press the "NEW PROJECT" button

2. Name the project and choose the platform

Set platform for your project

The platform you choose will preset design settings for all designs you add into this project: 

  1. Web will preset units in px, colors in HEX format and CSS code generation.

  2. iOS will preset units in pt, colors in UIcolor format and Swift code generation.

  3. Android will preset units in dp, colors in HEX8 format and XML code generation.

Set default code language for this project
Click on Advanced settings and choose one of 10 different languages.

  • All newly-added designs in the project inherit the project's code settings.

  • If you change the code settings for a specific design, it will keep these settings and will not inherit the project code settings. Simply put, the design-specific settings always come first.

Settings will be synced across your entire team. You can change the name and platform any time later in the project Settings, or you can delete the project.


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