Project Manager is the place where you can find all of your projects. This is how it looks:

Open a project

When you open a project in Avocode, you'll get an overview of the project activity and all your designs - each with a preview. 

There are a few cool things you can do in the Project Manager when your project is open:

1) See all project activities

The right sidebar shows you recently added designs, versions and comments. On top of the sidebar you can also see who has access to this project. 

If you select a design preview, the activity feed changes contextually and shows only updates about this specific design.

2) Switch between Grid and List view

In the top right corner you’ll find a dropdown SHOW AS: List or Grid. 

You can use these views for both projects and designs.

In the design view, you can sort items alphabetically by name or according to the latest modification. In the project view, you can sort by name, last modification, platform or you can sort the projects in a custom fashion.

Benefits of the Grid view:

  • a bigger design previews

Benefits of the List view:

  • full length of the item name

  • the number of versions

  • time stamp of the last update

3) Open designs in the Inspect mode
Here you can export specs and assets from the design

4) Open designs in the Comment mode
Here you can annotate the design and give feedback via comments.

5) Open designs in the Prototype player
Click on the play arrow on the design thumbnail. It only appears if there are prototype connections in the file or artboard.

6) Connect the project's notification to a Slack channel
(This feature is available only in the Company plan and higher.)

Go to you account settings

If you click on your profile picture in the top right corner you can:

If you want to switch to a different Avocode team, click on the team icon in the top left corner.

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