Who can download source files from Avocode?

  • the owner of the team

  • appointed admins 

  • team members with permissions to the appropriate project

NOTE: For security reasons Guest users cannot download your source file.

How to download the source file

Select the design you want to download and either right-click it or click on the three dots right next to it. In the menu select Download file.

How to download design versions?

Avocode automatically downloads the latest version of the whole design file when you click on Download file as described above. To download an older version of your design navigate to the versions list either in the Project manager:

or Inspect mode:

IMPORTANT: When you upload a new version of your sketch file via “Sync only selected artboards” feature, you will only be able to download the selected artboards from Avocode, and not the entire Sketch file. The reason is because at the moment, we are unable to merge the changes into previous versions of the file.

NOTE: It's currently not possible to download Figma designs from Avocode.

If you'd like to have the ability to download also Figma files from Avocode, please suggest or upvote the idea on our UserVoice.

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