When you remove a member during the billing period, their seat in Avocode becomes available, and you can invite a different person to replace them at no extra cost.

If you don't choose to invite a different member in their place, you will no longer be paying for the empty seat in the next billing period.


You are in the Team plan and have 5 users in your team. This means you are paying $29 x 5 = $145 monthly.

Say you decide to remove one member in the middle of your 30 day billing period. A seat will become available, and you can invite another person to join your team for the remaining time of your billing period at no extra cost.

If you don't invite another person to fill the empty seat, next month, you will pay only for the remaining 4 users, i.e. $29 x 4 = $116.

You can see your next invoice information in the Billing section in the Avocode app.

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