Rename your design

  1. Select a design file, go to menu: Design settings.

Alternatively, you can open the project and click on SETTINGS

2. Change the name.

NOTE: You can change the name of your design to anything. We recommend keeping the suffix. Removing the suffix (like .xd) won't affect the correct opening of the design; however, it will help you quickly recognize what kind of file are you dealing with in the Project manager.

Change Design scale

Design scale (so-called pixel density) can be set based on whether the design was created in @1x, @2x and so on.

NOTE: When you upload a @1x design you should choose the pixel density @1x. When you select any layer and hit Export, the scale of all exported imaged will be automatically preset as 1x. Read more at the end of this article.

Web projects

You can set Design Scale @1x, @1.5x, @2x, @3x via the drop down under Design Scale.

iOS projects

You can set Design Scale @1x, @1.5x, @2x, @3x.

Android projects

You can set Design Scale: ldpi (@0.75x), mdpi (@1x), hdpi (@1.5x), xhdpi (@2x), xxhdpi (@3x), xxxhdpi (@4x)

Note: Design settings will be synced with the rest of your team.

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