How to convert your Figma design to a Sketch file?

1. Go to Figma to Sketch Design Converter page.

2. Add your Figma access token, Figma design link, and email address.

3. Make the payment & download your Sketch file.

How to get your Figma access token?

There are two ways to generate your Figma access token.

1. Go to the Figma Developers page and click on the Get personal access token link.

2. Create your personal token from your account settings.

  • Log in to Figma and click on your name to access your account settings.

  • Under the Settings tab, scroll down to the Personal access tokens section.

  • Click the Create a new personal access token link.

Note: Figma to Sketch design converter needs your personal access Figma token to access your design data via API and convert the design. Your token will be encrypted, and you can revoke access at any time in your Figma account settings.

Every design in Figma has its unique URL.

  • You can copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.

  • Alternatively, open your Figma design, click the Share button and Copy Link to copy the file URL to your clipboard.

Note: By default, Figma to Sketch converter will convert all the pages and artboards in your Figma design. If you want to convert only some of the artboards or pages and save time, create a new Figma file and paste your selected pages and artboards there.

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