Hand-off Adobe XD artboards for copy edits

Create an Avocode account & download Avocode desktop app.

Install the Avocode desktop app.

Make sure your Avocode desktop app is running and you’re logged into your Avocode account.

⚠️ Make sure you have & own all font files in your XD file on your desktop before the sync to Avocode. Adobe XD indicates Missing Fonts in the Styles panel.

Install our Adobe XD plugin from this URL: https://adobe.com/go/xd_plugins_discover_plugin?pluginId=1f763b08 or go to Adobe XD plugin manager, search for Avocode Write and install it.

In Adobe XD, go to Plugins (bottom left corner).

All installed plugins will appear in the Plugin panel.

Select Avocode Write.

Select a few artboards and sync them to Avocode.

Then assign the design into a project in Avocode.

Edit copy in Avocode Write

Select a design in Avocode & click on Edit in Write.

Click on any text field to edit it.

Change text and press Save to record the copy change in the timeline on your right.

Pull copy changes back to Adobe XD design

Find the design in Avocode and open it in Write just like during import (select the file and hit Edit in Write), then hit Share and copy a public sharing link.

NOTE: The public link is unlisted and not indexed. Syncing via any link (also Private) is coming in the next version.

Open the respective design in Adobe XD (you can also download it from Avocode) and go to Plugins/Avocode.

Paste the Avocode Write public sharing link to pull text changes.

NOTE: Make sure the design you have opened in XD is the same as in the Avocode Write.

NOTE: Avocode Write is still in Beta. For now, when you sync XD designs to Avocode via Avocode Write, you can’t see the Layout Grid, pull text changes for text layers inside components or locked layers, and download these XD files from Avocode. If you stumble upon any issues, please report them at team@avocode.com. Thank you.

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