With the "Edit in Sketch" feature you can keep your design process and versioning flow synced, and make changes to your designs without losing the context with an easy workflow.

How does the “EDIT IN SKETCH” feature work? 

When you have a Sketch file in Avocode and you need to make changes to it - simply select your design and click on the EDIT IN SKETCH button in the sidebar.

Avocode will automatically download your file and open it in Sketch for you. 

Now, you can make any changes you need and sync the modified artboard(s) or the entire file back to Avocode as a new version

Just click on Plugins - Avocode - Sync Selected Artboards / Sync All

Avocode will ask you to add a description to your updated file. When the upload is complete - your design will be automatically closed in the Sketch app. 

Repeat this workflow as many times as you like without losing the context of what changes you need to make. 

What if I am working on the designs in Avocode and Sketch simultaneously?  

Do not worry, we made sure you will not lose any of your work. 

 If you click on the EDIT IN SKETCH button in Avocode, but you already have the design opened in the Sketch app - Avocode will remind you about it.

You can choose to discard the unsaved changes or continue editing the design.

  • Start over will remove the changes made to the design version open in Sketch and open the version from Avocode instead.
  • Continue editing will bring up the current version of the file open in Sketch.

Note: This feature works with the Avocode desktop app only and Sketch app version 53 and higher.

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