How to install Avocode app in Confluence?

Sign up for Confluence or sign in to your account to get started.

Find “Avocode for Confluence” in the Atlassian Marketplace and click Get app in the top right corner.

TIP: Alternatively, you can log in to Confluence and go to "Settings".

1. Create or open a page in Confluence.

2. Type /avocode to embed an Avocode macro.

3. Go to Avocode, select any design artboard or symbol in Avocode and click SHARE in the top right corner.

👉🏼TIP: If you want to see design previews in Confluence, make sure you set the link as public.

4. Paste the link to Confluence. You can add unlimited links for Thumbnails or one by one for Previews.

TIP: You can link more designs also from other files or projects in Avocode.

6. Select either Thumbnail or Preview in the Display drop-down.

Click Save and the design preview will be automatically loaded. If you don’t see the preview, make sure your share link is set as Public in Avocode.

To adjust the size of the embedded frame, just select the preview.

NOTE: Links from the design Thumbnails and Previews will work only after you publish the page.

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