How to import PSD designs into Avocode?

1. Open Avocode desktop app or and drag & drop the PSD file into any project or subfolder or click on ADD DESIGN or UPLOAD FILES button.

2. Once the upload and processing is done, all your team members will be notified that there is a new design (if they have enabled e-mail notifications and/or set up the Slack notifications integration).

NOTE: Don't close the Avocode app during the design import.

3. Now you can double-click on the design to open it in Avocode.

4. Now you can inspect the design and export assets, specs and code.

Currently supported file format features:

Avocode shows you a fully featured layer panel for PSD files. You can toggle layers, multi-select, and export them separately or merged. 

  • Shape layers (Boolean operations - combined shape layers)

  • Group layers

  • Text layers (Line height)

  • Bitmap layers

  • Linear gradients

  • Radial gradients

  • Circular gradient

  • Adjustment layers

  • Color fill

  • Color fill opacity

  • Masks

  • Vector clipping masks

  • Bitmap clipping masks

  • Group layer bitmap masks

  • Layer masks

  • Layer styles (stroke, shadows, blend modes, gradient overlay, color overlay, opacity)

  • Artboards

  • Smart objects

How to sync PSD files via a plugin?

While it's possible to directly import Photoshop files to Avocode (drag & drop) you can also use our plugin to sync them.

How to import new PSD design versions?

Make sure the new PSD file is named exactly as the previous version.

NOTE: You can only sync the whole PSD file. At the moment it is not possible to exclude PSD artboards from sync. If your file is over 500MB we suggest breaking it into smaller files.

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