How to create a new project subfolder?

NOTE: It's not possible to add a subfolder inside of a subfolder.

1. Create a new project or open any existing one

2. Press the NEW FOLDER button in panel on the right. 

Edit the subfolder's settings

By default, the subfolder inherits the project settings and the same platform as the parent project. You can, of course, change all that:

Change the platform of a subfolder

Avocode recognises 3 different project platforms, based on what you're building.

  • Web - By default dimensions will be in px and color format in HEX and code as CSS

  • iOS - By default dimensions will be in pt and color format in UIcolor and code as Swift

  • Android - By default dimensions will be in dp and color format in HEX8 and code as Android

Set default code language for this subfolder (in Advanced settings)

Since Avocode generates 10 different languages from layer styles, you can define one for the whole project. This is how it works:

  • All newly-added designs in the project inherit the project's code settings.

  • If you change the code settings for a specific design, it will keep these settings and will not inherit the project code settings. Simply put, the design-specific settings always come first.

Now that you have a new subfolder in the project you can add new designs to this subfolder or move existing designs here.

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