Importing an XD file via Avocode plugin in XD

Using the Avocode XD plugin

  1. Make sure that the Avocode desktop app is running.

  2. In XD navigate to Plugins and select the Avocode plugin

  3. In plugin click on Sync to Avocode to start the import

Installing the Avocode XD plugin

Avocode desktop app for Windows & macOS automatically installs the Adobe XD plugin. If you don't see the plugin in XD app, in Avocode's menubar, navigate to Help - Troubleshooting - Reinstall XD plugin.

Importing an XD file using drag & drop or file manager

  1. Open Avocode

  2. Click on the ADD button to open file manager and navigate to your file. Alternatively, drag & drop the file directly into your project.

Note: You'll need to have a local copy of your XD file before importing it this way.

How to upload a new design version?

Follow the same steps when adding a new version of your file.

If there is a file with the same name in the project where you’re trying to import your design, Avocode will ask you if you want to update the file (new design will be added as a new version), or keep both as separate files

Learn more: How to switch between versions?

Excluding artboards from sync

Avocode imports the entire Adobe XD document by default. If you’d like to select artboards that should not be synced, place a dash “-” or an underscore “_” in front of the name of the artboard.


  • We do not support older .xd formats. If you’re having a problems with importing an XD file because of its outdated format, please create a completely new Adobe XD file, copy and paste the artboards into the new Adobe XD file and save it. After you do that, it should be possible to sync the design just fine.

  • If your design fails to be imported, looks different than expected, or something unexpected happens, please reach out to us at so we can fix it.

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