TLDR; To make sure that you can export images and take advantage of all inspecting features of Avocode desktop app, your PC/Mac needs to support Web-GL. Hardware requirements: Graphics card with support for Web-GL (Macs/PCs made after 2012); min 4GB memory (RAM). Learn more about Web-GL in this article.

Why image export doesn't work in Lite mode and what can you do about it?

Sometimes when you’re in the Inspect mode the tab says “Lite” and you can’t export any assets. You can only use the Slice tool for image export.

This could actually mean 2 things:

1. Disabled Monroe rendering engine

In the spring of 2018, we released our brand new Rendering engine called Monroe. Thanks to Monroe you don't have to prepare layers for export in third-party design tools like Sketch because everything is fully rendered in Avocode.

Monroe is based on Web-GL technology which connects different types of rendering services into one. If your PC doesn't support Web-GL it might happen that Monroe is disabled in your Avocode desktop app.

How to turn on Monroe rendering?

1. Go to the App preferences

2. “Disable Monroe rendering engine” option needs to be unchecked.
NOTE: This indicates that Monroe rendering engine is enabled and you can export layers as images.

2. Figma design files

We still don’t fully support import of layered Figma files so the Inspect mode is limited to "Lite" and therefore you can only export slices with the Slice tool. We’re working on fully featured solution that should arrive in the early 2019.

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