Share a design via a public link

Anyone with the link can see the design and they can leave comments and discuss changes. 

You can only share a public link to a specific design. There are 3 ways to share a public link:

  1. Share a public link from the Design View (Inspect Mode) in the Avocode Desktop App

2. Share a public link from the Project Manager

3. Share a public link from the Avocode Manager 

If you want to be able to share public links to the whole projects, please upvote the feature on our UserVoice.

The person you're sharing a public link with doesn't even have to be a part of your team and therefore you won't be charged for him/her. However, these users can't upload revisions or get assets and measurements.

Invite new team members to inspect and upload designs

Invite designers, developers and other stake holders to your team. In the Business and Enterprise plan, you can give them access to all or just particular projects. You will be charged per each user by the billing period you choose (monthly/annually).


Only the Team Owner and Team Admins can invite new team member.

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