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With Business and Enterprise plan, you can restrict access for specific members (Contractors) to specific projects. That way they can view and work only on projects you dedicate to them.

1. Navigate to your Team settings

2. Click on the cog icon next to the member you want to manage

3. Select Contractor role and choose the projects they should be able to access


Old Web Manager [Deprecated at the end of September, 2017]

Go to Team settings by clicking on your avatar in the Avocode Manager and hit Manage Account.

When you're inviting a new team member you can choose projects they can access.

Next to “Permissions to access All projects” hit Change. Then you can either enable access to All projects, or switch it off and select individual projects you want to give access to the new team member.

Or you can also manage Permissions of your current team members. In your Account settings/Team settings.



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