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Inviting new members to Avocode is easy, all you need to do is type their email addresses. You can also invite multiple members together. On Business plan, it’s also possible to permit or restrict invitees access to specific projects.

1. Open your Team settings

2. Type the email address

3. If you’re inviting more members, use SPACE to separate emails

4. Confirm by hitting Enter or pressing the “Invite” button

If you're on a Garage plan and you already have 3 users on your team, you can always upgrade to the Business plan to have up to 30 users on your team.

In case even this is not enough, contact us at team@avocode.com for an Enterprise plan.

Permit or restrict access to projects

You can manage project permissions later or upon invitation.

NOTE: This feature is available only in the Business plan and Enterprise plan.


1. Select Contractor role from the dropdown

2. Choose projects that should be accessible for the invitees



Old Web Manager [Deprecated at the end of September, 2017]

You can invite members and give them access from the "Team settings" page in the settings. Once you invite them we instantly send them an email notification to accept the invite. Once they accept it, they can instantly access all your projects.

1. Go to the Avocode Manager in the browser

2. Go to your Account settings

3. Open the "Team settings" section

4. Scroll down to the "New member" section and enter the email address of people you want to invite


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