4 types of Team member roles

There are 4 types of team members: Owner, Admin, Full Member, Contractor.

Owners own the team. This user will always have access to all projects and they can invite/delete other users to the team, change roles of others, and also have access to the Billing settings of the team.
NOTE: If you need to change the owner of the team, please email us at team@avocode.com.

Full Member

Members have access to all projects but will not see billing information and cannot edit the team members (adding, deleting, changing the roles) in any way.  


Admin users are exactly the same as the Owners, but they cannot delete the designated Owner from the team

Admins can manage the entire team – including permissions, members, and billing settings. The owner is by default an admin as well, but other admins can't revoke the owner's access.


Contractors are similar to members but can only work on specific projects that the Admin or Owner gives them access to.

How to change a team member's status?

You can manage admin access from the from the "Members" page in your team settings. Click on the settings button next to a member and a dropdown will appear, click the option "Make Admin" or "Remove admin" to give or revoke admin access in your team.

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