3 ways how to import a .sketch file into Avocode

Before your start, please make sure you have saved the Sketch document and that you have Avocode 2.24 or higher.

1. Import Sketch designs by drag & drop (on Windows, Linux, macOS or via the browser)

Open Avocode desktop app or app.avocode.com and drag & drop the Sketch file into any project or subfolder.

2. Add Sketch designs by browsing your files (on Windows, Linux, macOS or via the browser)
Open Avocode and press +ADD DESIGN in any project. Browse to select the design file you wish to upload.

3. Import Sketch artboards via a plugin (on macOS only)
If you have Sketch app installed on your machine, download and install the Avocode app. The Avocode Sketch plugin will be automatically installed along with the app.

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Known issues:
If the layer bounds of a text layer are smaller than the whole area of text characters in the area, the text layer in Avocode will be cut away. You can fix this simply by going to Sketch and enlarging the text field so the whole text stays inside the layer bounds.

This is caused, because Sketch allows such behavior:

  • When you create a text layer like this in Sketch at first the whole text line is visible (even what overlaps outside the text layer bounds), but when you edit it for the second time the overlapping parts of the text layer are cut away.
  • We know how to expand the bounds to make the whole text layer visible, but this would change the text layer bound, i.e., they would differ from Sketch. We need to collect more user feedback to decide which way is better.

How to upload new Sketch design versions?

Just drag & drop the Sketch file on top of the previous Sketch file version in Avocode.

Make sure uploaded artboards are named exactly as they were in the previous version and that they are located on the same Sketch page as they were previously. Avocode will take care of the rest.

If some artboards already exist in the project, they are synced and added as new versions.

If the artboard has a different name than in the previous version, it will be added as a new design.

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