Upload a new design version in Project manager

If you want to upload a new version of a design, just drag & drop it on top of the design preview in Avocode desktop app or in the web app.

Currently supported formats for direct upload:

NOTE: The possibility of drag & dropping (direct upload) Sketch files to Avocode is currently in development and should be available in early 2018.

You can also click on the cogwheel in the right bottom corner of the design preview and click on Upload version. 

Upload a new design version (PSD, XD) in Inspect mode

First, go to the left sidebar and click on the "Version" icon.

Then click on the button + UPLOAD NEW VERSION.

⚠️ NOTE: It's currently not possible to upload a new version in the Comment mode. If you drag and drop a PSD on top of your design in the Design view (either in the Inspect mode or in Comment mode), it will be uploaded as a new design file - not a version.

Upload design versions via Sketch plugin (only on macOS)

Syncing a new version with Sketch plugin is easy. 

  1. Make sure you have the latest Avocode update (it automatically installs the Sketch plugin to your Sketch app)
  2. Open your design in Sketch
  3. Select artboards you want to upload
  4. Hit CMD + J
  5. Avocode will be launched and you can assign them to a particular project or create a new one for them.

⚠️  Make sure uploaded artboards are named exactly as they were in the previous version and that they are located on the same page as they were previously. Avocode will take care of the rest.

  • If artboards with the same name already exist in the project, they are synced and added as new versions.
  • If the artboard has a different name than in the previous version, it will be added as a new design

Once the sync is complete, you can inspect the revision in the Avocode app.

Upload design versions via Photoshop plugin

To sync a design version with Photoshop plugin, just hit the sync button and once the sync is complete, you’ll get redirected to the web manager where you can assign the design as a new design or a new revision.

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