Adding designs into Avocode is easy. You can do it both from the Avocode App and the Avocode Manager.

The standard way to upload a design is to hit the button which says “Upload Design” in the top right corner of the Project Manager.


Drag & drop to upload

To upload PSD, JPG or PNG, just drag & drop the design file on top of / inside any project you want. 


Sync designs via a plugin

To upload Sketch files to Avocode, please use our Sketch plugin.  


The possibility of drag & dropping (direct upload) Sketch files to Avocode is currently in development and should be available soon.

You can also use our Photoshop plugin to upload PSD’s to Avocode.


Open designs

Once the design is uploaded to Avocode, it can be opened on any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux). The Avocode Manager opens the design only for commenting and reviewing purposes. 

To properly inspect the design, you need to download the Avocode Desktop App.

If there are any problems with uploading designs, please contact us.

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