Versions in the Avocode Desktop App

Just click on the revisions tab in Avocode desktop app and preview or open a revision you previously uploaded to Avocode.

When new revision is uploaded, all the comments on designs that are not marked as “solved” are also added to the new revision. If a comment is marked as “solved”, it won’t be shown on next uploaded revision. However, if you open a revision, you can see all the comments, that were solved on that revision.


Versions in the Avocode Web Manager

You can also easily visually compare revisions of designs in Avocode. To access this feature, open the design detail on web manager and click on this tab:

Compare single revisions

This mode lets you compare one revision at a time. You can use the timeline on the top to switch between revisions:

Compare versions side by side

You can even compare 2 revisions at once using the 2-UP mode. Each view has its own timeline to switch between revisions:



It's best to solve old comments from previous versions so they don't appear in a different place on a new version.
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