TIP: Quickly access Avocode Project manager from the Sketch app with a simple shortcut: CMD + P.

Artboards and Pages

Each Sketch file you upload to Avocode becomes a sort of a subfolder in the project where you put it.

You either display ALL artboards or switch between individual PAGES.

You can exclude Pages or Artboards from syncing to Avocode by renaming them - just add _ at the beginning of the _Page or _Artboard name. This workflow should speed things up when you’re syncing bigger Sketch files.

Note:  If the Pages in your Sketch files are not renamed, you will see them in the top bar as Page 1, Page 2, and so on.

Artboards are displayed as separate designs. You can rename or delete them.


Symbols are displayed as separate designs in projects. All you need to do is to double click the symbol and it will open a new design.

Note: Inspecting Symbols with overrides within designs is coming in Autumn 2017.

Make sure to sync the symbols with your artboards, otherwise, you won’t be able to inspect them.

However, if you didn't change the Symbol and want to speed up the
Sketch upload process, you can choose to sync artboards without Symbols.


To use libraries with Avocode, you would need to upload the library file to Avocode. 

We will be doing our best to provide better and more seamless experience in the near future. In the meanwhile, please sync your libraries to Avocode with your designs and open them manually.

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