TIP: Quickly access Avocode Project Manager from the Sketch app with a simple shortcut:  CMD + P.

Sketch structure looks a little different in Avocode App and Avocode Web Manager.

Avocode Desktop App

Pages are converted to flat folders called “Categories”. The categories are automatically created from the synced file and they are named after the name of the page.

Artboards are displayed as separate designs. You can rename or delete them.

Symbols are also displayed as separate designs in the project and they are also available from the artboard view. All you need to do is to double click the symbol and it will open as a new design.

Make sure to sync the symbols with your artboards, otherwise you won’t be able to inspect them.

Avocode Manager

Pages are displayed as folders and then in the folder, there are sections annotated with the page name. Artboards are displayed as separate designs. Symbols as well. It is not possible to delete single artboard or symbol in the web manager at the moment.

The structure of Sketch files will be unified across the desktop and web manager in the upcoming months.
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