Recover your account

If you don't purchase a plan, your Avocode account will expire at the end of the free trial. Also if you cancel your plan, you will loose access to your projects and designs once your billing period expires. 

However, you can always come back. All you need to do is to use your old login information and buy a plan. Once your credit card is charged, you will regain access to all your stuff in Avocode. Your data will remain intact for at least 6 months.


At the moment you can’t renew a cancelled plan while the cancelled plan is not yet expired - you need to wait until the already paid period of cancelled plan runs out. Or you can contact us.


1. Log-in to your expired account

Reset your password in case you’ve forgotten your password.

2. Go to your Account Manager

3. Make sure your billing info is up-to-date

Update it in case it is not up-to-date or if it’s blank.

4. Select a plan you want to purchase

5. Add your credit card information

Choose whether you want to pay annually or monthly. Fill in your credit card information and hit pay. Your credit card will be charged immediately and from then on every month or year (based on what type of payment frequency you chose).

Your credit card data is securely encrypted with a SSL certificate.


You need to wait until your plan expires completely and renew it then. If you need to renew the subscription immediately you can contact us at

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