Enter and apply your promocode

You can enter a promo code on the checkout page — the same page where you submit your credit card information. 

Web App

1. Navigate to your Team settings

2. Hit the button to get into checkout 

3. Click on “Add promo code”

4. Apply the promo code and complete the payment!


Old Web Manager [Deprecated at the end of September 2017]

  1. Go to your Account Settings

2. Click on Billing & Payments and hit Enter Credit Card in the Payment Details section

3. A window like the one below will show up and once you fill in your credit card, click on click "promo code" near your subtotal.

3. Enter the promo code and click Apply

If your promo code is valid, the price will immediately change.

If your promo code says it's expired and you think that we're wrong, please contact us at team@avocode.com.

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