Photoshop designs

Drag & drop Photoshop files into any project both in the Avocode App and in the Avocode Manager.

Once your design is fully uploaded, you can open it.

Avocode needs to process and render your design before opening, so this takes some time depending on the size and complexity of the design. If your design fails uploading and is displayed as "Processing failed", please let us know using the in-app chat or at e-mail. You can also try uploading with our Photoshop plugin.

If you'd like to add a new version of a design, just drag & drop it on top of the design preview in the Avocode Manager or hit the little cog wheel on the design preview and click “Upload a revision”.

Sketch designs

Upload Sketch files via our Sketch plugin. If you'd like to add a new version of a Sketch design, please use the plugin.

Drag & drop feature for Sketch files is coming soon.

Sketch artboards will be listed as individual designs in your project.

If you upload both Photoshop and Sketch designs into the same project, all Photoshop designs will appear first and Sketch files will be sorted below.

PNG & JPEG designs

You can also upload bitmap pictures to you projects just by drag & dropping.

Other design formats

If you want Avocode to support other design formats, please upvote it on our feature voting forum, so we know which format to prioritize. We're thinking about supporting Illustrator, Adobe XD, Affinity Designer.

Design Settings

When you upload a design into a project, you can rename it and choose the proper design scale (pixel density). These settings will be synced with your entire team.

1. Open Design Settings

2. Change the scale of your design


Learn more:

Version control

Avocode works like a cloud to all your designs. Not only can you upload, preview and download designs, but you can also keep all of your design versions organized and together.

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