Avocode will help you build web, iOS, and Android apps exactly like they were designed. Avocode is a cloud based app, which runs on Mac, Windows or Linux. Designers and developers use it to work together on web and mobile projects - that means upload, share and open any Photoshop and Sketch design, export images, code, text, colors, sizes and dimensions with a single click.

If you can't stand things like exporting design assets for someone else, opening a Sketch file on Windows or a PSD without Photoshop, eyeball a distance between two design elements with a Marque tool, we will be good friends.

What makes Avocode stand out as a design-to-code tool?

  • Direct, cross-platfrom and app independent import of Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma design files
  • Seamless design hand-off and sharing options
  • State-of-the art code generation (including CSS, Sass, Less, SCSS, Stylus, CSS in JS, Swift, Android, React Native)
  • Visual feedback features
  • Cloud based version control system
  • No design amount or project amount limit

Our Monroe rendering engine which can:

  • recreate a .sketch, .psd, .ai, .xd, and .figma designs pixel perfectly
  • open designs with all layer effects
  • show measurements between grouped layers
  • create design slices and export them as images
  • scale vector shapes to up @4x and export them as SVG, PNG, JPEG or WebP
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