How to reply to an annotation?

To leave a reply to an existing annotation, just click on the annotation, write your message and confirm. The message is instantly posted and your team can instantly see it without reloading the page. We will also send your team an e-mail about your message.

Who can annotate the design and reply?

Anyone with access to the design can leave annotations on your designs, even users that aren't members of your team. 

  • People who are not on your team will need have a public link to open the design in Avocode.
  • They just need to authenticate with an e-mail address and their name. (However, these users outside of your team can't add revisions or get assets and specs from the design, only members of your team can do that.)

1.Reply to the annotation

2. Fill out your name and e-mail, so we can notify you about replies

Request a team membership 

Click on Inspect mode and request an invite.

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