How to invite a team member via email?

Make sure that your plan supports Team members. If you're in the Company plan or the Enterprise plan you can also change user permissions to particular projects.

Inviting new members to Avocode is easy, all you need to do is type their email addresses.

1. Open your Team members settings

2. Type the email address or click INVITE VIA SLACK 

👉🏼 TIP: You can also invite multiple members together. If you’re inviting more members, use SPACE to separate emails

3. Confirm the invitation

How to invite a team member via link?

Alternatively you can send anyone an invite link to your team. You’ll find it also in the Team member section of your plan.

Click on "COPY INVITE LINK" and send it to anyone.

Anyone who will go to the link will have to REQUEST ACCESS and create their own account so they could log in to the Avocode services.

Each potential team member has to finish their profile ending with this screen.

TIP: Regardless if you approve the request, any person who has created an account can use it o purchase their own subscription to use Avocode for personal needs and to access other teams they’ve been invited to in Avocode. 

The owner and admins of your Company or Enterprise team will receive an email with the request. After they approve it, the new team member will be able to use Avocode as a member of the team. 

Requests can be also approved directly from Avocode/Team members by clicking on ACCEPT.

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