How to add a new version to a design?

a) Direct import

Drag & drop the new version of a PSD, Sketch, XD, AI, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF or TIFF file directly on top of the design file (it works in the Project manager, Inspect mode and Comment mode).

If there is a file with the same name in the project where you’re trying to import your design, Avocode will ask you if you want to UPDATE FILE (new design will be added as a new version), or KEEP BOTH.

b) Add new version via Dropbox
Go to your project and select the whole design file. Click on the context menu and choose New version via Dropbox.

c) Sync via plugin

1. Open the design in the design tool.

  • Sketch: Press CMD + ALT + J in Sketch to upload all artboards to Avocode or select particular artboards that you want to sync and press CMD + J.
  • Adobe XD: Press CMD + ALT + E (macOS) or CTRL + ALT + E (Windows) to upload all artboards to Avocode.
  • Figma: Select one or multiple frames and press CMD + ALT + E (macOS) or CTRL + SHIFT+ E (Windows) to import frames to Avocode. (Learn more)

👉🏼 Tip: To exclude artboards from sync, add a dash or an underscore at the beginning of the Page or Artboard name.

2. Avocode app will open and you'll be able to import the design to a project. Make sure to add the design file in the same project as the previous version.

d) Upload new versions from the Version switcher in the Inspect mode and the Comment mode

  1. Open the design either in the Inspect mode or the comment mode and click on the Version switcher.
  2. Click on the Upload new version button in the drop-down.

e) Upload version via a dropdown in the Project manager

Select a design file and click on the three dots to see tis dropdown. Then click Upload version and select any file that you wish to add as a new version. You can also simply drag & drop the file on the design thumbnail.

How does the versioning logic work?

Updating design artboards in a new version

Artboards with the same name will be synced as new versions - even if the artboard has been moved to a different Page.

  • Since the 3.3 update you can even sync/import different design files as new versions of the file in Avocode - as long as the artboards are named the same.
  • If there are more artboards with the same name, Avocode decides based on the artboard ID - the matching artboard is added as a new version and other artboards are added as new artboards (Version 1).

Adding new artboards in a new version

  • When you upload a version of your design, which includes new artboards, these artboards will appear as a new version in Avocode. 

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