Get project-specific notifications in one Slack channel

Would you like to know about what happens in your Avocode team in Slack? No problem. Our Slack integration will send you automated notifications whenever someone adds:

  • a new design,
  • a new design version,
  • a new design annotation or a comment,
  • a new reply to an existing comment.

Let's do it!

1. Open any project in Avocode and click on the button ADD TO SLACK in the top right corner.

2. Choose the channel where you want to receive notifications from this project.


NOTE: If you are in more than one Slack team, choose the desired team 


Get team-wide notifications in one Slack channel

If you want to receive all notifications, from all projects in one Slack channel, there is an easy way to do this. 

 Note that if you're a part of multiple teams on Avocode, each team can be connected to different Slack channels.

Web app

1. Navigate to your Team Settings

2. Click the button to set up the integration

3. In case you are in more than one Slack team, choose the desired team.

4. Select a channel where you want to receive the notifications.

5. Hit Authorize and that's it.
Next time someone adds a design, a design version, a comment, or replies to and existing comment, you'll know in Slack.


TIP: When you get a notification from Avocode, there is going to be a preview of the respective design. You can open it directly in the browser by clicking on the design name.

Disconnect Avocode from your Slack channels

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your team
  3. Go to Apps & Integrations

4. Search for "Avocode"

5. Delete webhooks for particular channels and connections to the Avocode app

6. If you are sure you want to disconnect a particular channel, hit Revoke

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