How to open designs in the Comment mode?

a) Open Comment mode from the

  1. Open any project in Avocode
  2. Click on the little comment icon in the top right corner of each design preview tile

3. You will go directly to the Comment mode. Then you can easily switch to the Inspect mode in the top bar (see below).

b) Open Comment mode from the navigation sidebar

  1. Open your file in the Project manager.
  2. Click on Comment in the right navigation sidebar.

c) Open Comment mode from the Design view/Inspect mode

  1. Open any design in Avocode.
  2. Now you're in the so-called Inspect mode.
  3. Click on Comment in the top bar.

You'll be taken into a different design view. There is a new right sidebar where all your Annotations and General comments will be listed.

TIP: Move around the design canvas by holding the SPACE bar and dragging your mouse. (On Mac you can also use two fingers on your Touchpad).

How to comment?

In order to create a comment, simply click anywhere on the canvas and start typing:

How to comment if you're not a team member?

When you enter the Comment link from a sharing link, you'll be able to place a dot or an area to comment. However, you'll need to leave your name and e-mail and sign up by doing this, so this team know who are the comment from.

Comment sidebar

All your comments will be listed in the sidebar on the left. Only the latest comment in the comment thread is shown. When you click on the comment in the sidebar, the comment thread will open on the canvas.

Comments are numbered and listed in a chronological order as they were created. The newest comment is always on top.

Solved comment

When you solve a comment, it will turn green.

You can Hide solved comments from the list by clicking on Resolved.

How to mention other team members?

Just use the "@" symbol anywhere in the message. Once the first letter behind the @ Symbol matches a letter in the name of someone on the list of your team members, you should see a dropdown (like below). Either finish writing the exact name of someone from your team or select someone from the dropdown.

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