Getting started

  1. Navigate to your Sketch file in Avocode and choose the Write tool option in the right navigation bar.

2. In the Write tool, simply click on the text layer that you want to edit and make the desired changes. All the changes will be visible in the right navigation bar of the tool.

You can toggle between the original copy and the changed copy by clicking on each respective copy in the sidebar, and you can also toggle between a view with and without all the changes.

Share the changes in copy

  1. To share the copy changes, just click on the Share button in the top right corner (you can choose between a public and private link).

Delete your copy changes

  1. To delete the changes you've made, simply click on the X button next to each copy change in the right navigation bar.

Syncing the changes back to your Sketch file

In order to sync the changes you've made to the Sketch file, open Avocode app, navigate to the file in question and choose "Edit in Sketch". In the Sketch app, go to Plugins→Avocode and select "Pull text changes", then save the file. This will pull the changes done in the Write tool to the .sketch file as well. To undo text sync, simply hit CMD+Z.

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