What is the benefit of using Avocode Private Cloud?

Avocode Private Cloud is a secure optional solution for customers in our Enterprise plan. It runs as an isolated instance - completely independent from other Avocode public cloud services - and therefore requires a few extra steps to set up.

How to use Avocode Private Cloud in the browser?

If you wish to use Avocode on the web, it doesn’t require any additional configuration.

Simply ask your Avocode administrator for your company's unique link. It's usually in the form of private-cloud-id.pc.avocode.com. Then just log in!

If you want to set up the desktop app, follow the instructions below.

How to use Avocode Private Cloud locally with the Avocode desktop app on macOS, Windows, or Linux?

1.Talk to your Avocode account administrator and ask for a "Private Cloud ID".

2. Download the Avocode app at avocode.com/download for any operating system.

3. Install the app, open it and in the Avocode menu, click "Configure private cloud".

4. Enter your Private Cloud ID and then click Confirm.

5. Next, click "Restart App" to apply the changes.

6. After you open the app again, the login screen should say "Welcome! Log in to My Company Name".

7. Log in using your credentials or by clicking on the "Web app" or "SSO" links at the bottom.

8. You're good to go!

NOTE: If you ever want to disconnect the Avocode desktop app from your private cloud, go to the Avocode app menu just click the "Configure private cloud" link again and then "Disconnect" button.

Learn more how to log in to Avocode via Single Sign-On (SSO).

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