Do you want to access our new experimental UI change?

We know that with more projects, more collaborators, and more design files, Avocode file management can become a bit messy. So we have dedicated the last month to redesigning how file management and navigation in the file system in Avocode works.

This project is still in Beta, so if you have any hints how we could make file management even more intuitive for you, please let us know at

Go to the App preferences and check the box saying Enable new look

Creating new projects

As you enable the new look, the Project manager UI will be changed.

From now on you can create projects from the new left sidebar.

If you don’t have any projects yet, you Project manager will look like this. Simply click Add project to create a new one.

New project view and navigation

All your projects, folders, and their content is now listed on the left side.

Click on the arrow to view what’s inside the project or folder.

Click on the three-dot icon to access context menu of projects and design files.

TIP: You can click on the PROJECTS label to collapse the list of projects.

Redesigned Search

Wherever you are in the app, you might be looking for some files. So we have completely overhauled Search.

You can access search from anywhere by pressing CMD + F on macOS or CTR + F on Windows and Linux.

The Search is now shown as a window so you don’t loose context of where you were.

Inside the Search you can also access the contextual menu of projects or design files.

When you click on a design file, you will be sent to it’s location and you will see a preview of all artboards inside.

Search inside a project/folder

If you navigate inside some project, you can choose if you want to search inside this project or in all your projects.

More visible notifications

We realize that Notifications were quite hidden in the past so we want to bring them to your attention.

Click on Notifications in the left sidebar to view upload progress as well as notifications about added designs, versions, and comments.

TIP: You can click on the design thumbnail previews in the Notification to quickly open them.

Your recent designs

We know that you need to access your current work fast.

So all designs, regardless their format, that you opened lately are show under the Recent button.

This is the default state that will appear whenever you open the Avocode app or log in to it on the web.

Contextual sidebar for design files

You will find all the design specific information in a right sidebar which probably feels familiar.

So what’s new?

  • version switcher to access older design versions
  • new help widget to help you get on board and chat with our support

TIP: If you need to move your design elsewhere, use the functionality in this right contextual sidebar. Drag & drop moving is coming soon.

User account information & App preferences

As we have redesigned project navigation we have also moved your account information.

This is where you’ll find the name, email and password you’re using with your account as well as link to the Desktop app and App preferences.

To access your Billing or Team member settings, your personal projects or other teams, use the dropdown in the top left corner.

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