NOTE: This feature is currently in Beta. The conversion is not 100% precise but it still saves a lot of time in terms of recreating the design completely. Currently, we can convert these Photoshop design elements.

It’s currently not possible to convert other file formats inside Avocode.

How to download PSD files as Sketch from Avocode?

Select any Adobe Photoshop file.

Click on Download in the right sidebar of the Project manager.
Select Download as Sketch.

The Sketch design is not immediately ready - it needs to be converted first. The time of the conversion depends on the size of your file. 

Once the conversion is complete you can download it.
All people with download access to this PSD file can now download it as Sketch too.

You can also download it from the sidebar dropdown as described above.

NOTE: If you’d like to upload the converted Sketch file back to Avocode, open and save it in the latest version of the Sketch app.

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