What’s in it for you?

You are already using Avocode on your paid projects. This is a way to make some extra money ($100) or win other prizes and publicity just by recording yourself as you work. The better your video explains how to use Avocode for a certain part of the design collaboration or coding process, the higher is your chance to win the prize money.

Competition Rules: 

  1. Send an email to team@avocode.com with a message: “I want to make a video.
  2. Use the latest Avocode app version (4.2.2 and higher) https://avocode.com/download
  3. Record your screen as you use Avocode - make sure to include work with some design file that you are turning to code.
  4. Record your voice as you explain your workflow and show how you extract things you need for coding.
  5. Your video should be between 3-15 min long. If you make it longer, it’s ok.
  6. How to submit? Either post your video on YouTube and send us a link or send us the file using a service like WeTransfer. In any case, please send us a link to your video before midnight of March 4th, 2020 to team@avocode.com.
  7. We value your time and customer loyalty - so all participants will get something in return. We will asses all submitted videos during the first week of March and announce the winners on March 12th, 2020. We will notify the winners via email. We’ll also ask all participants for an address if they want to receive free stickers and provide feedback for their video work.

Here’s an example from one of our users with already 57 000 views. Aim for something similar.

Rewards - the best 20 videos win, everyone else gets stickers

If your video has good quality and explains your workflow well, you will be eligible for some of these awesome prizes.

1st to 5th place:
Win (and spend on fun things) $100 in cash - paid via PayPal.

5th to 10th place
Win a special discount to save 50% on subscription for upcoming 3 months.

10th to 15th place
Win (and cuddle) an Avocode plushie toy.

15th to 20th place
Win (and rock) an Avocode t-shirt.

All participants who submit video on time will get free stickers and a feature on our social media channels.

Good luck! 

Terms of the Competition:
Avocode Inc. is allowed to use all submitted videos for promotion of Avocode, e.g. listing the on the avocode.com website or using on Avocode social media channels. Proper credit and link to original content will be always provided. Make sure the design that your are recording can be publicly shared before submitting the video to this competition.

You can download these competition rules here: https://go.aws/2Oqs2Vg

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