Note: This feature works with the Avocode desktop app only and Sketch app version 53 and higher.

How to keep Sketch design changes tracked in Avocode?

Start by adding the first version of the Sketch file to Avocode. Either drag & drop it to a project or sync it via a plugin.

When you have a Sketch file in Avocode and you need to make changes to it - simply right click your design or click on the three dots next to its name and select the Open in Sketch option.

NOTE: If you use the Open in Sketch feature, Avocode will create a temporary Sketch file on your computer that will be automatically deleted once the changes are synced. The original local .sketch file or the original .sketch cloud file will not be altered.

Avocode will automatically download your file and open it in Sketch for you. 

When you want to save the changes to Avocode - so your entire team could access them, just press CMD + OPTION + J, or go to Plugins/Avocode/Sync All Changes or Sync Selected Artboards.

If you choose the Sync All Changes option, you’ll see a list of changed artboards and symbols

  • Green Circle symbolizes newly added artboards

  • Yellow Circle symbolizes edited artboards

  • Red Circle symbolizes deleted artboards

In the top-right corner you can describe the changes in this design version.

Repeat this workflow as many times as you like without losing the context of what changes you need to make. 

NOTE: When you confirm syncing the changes in Avocode, your local Sketch document will be closed. This only applies to scenarios when the file was opened using the Open in Sketch button.

To access this view again and perhaps change the description later, just navigate to the version switcher and click on View changes.

What if I am working on the designs in Avocode and Sketch simultaneously?  

Don't worry, we made sure you will not lose any of your work. 

If you click on the 'Open in Sketch' button in Avocode, but you either have the file already opened in Sketch or you opened it and didn’t sync the last changes (or just opened it and closed it) Avocode needs to make sure that no design changes are lost. For these reasons it will always ask you if you want to Continue editing or start over and discard any changes that might have been made in your local Sketch file.

  • Start over will remove the changes made to the design version open in Sketch and open the version from Avocode instead.

  • Continue editing will bring up the current version of the file open in Sketch.

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