When did the Avocode pricing change take effect?

New Avocode pricing plans (Starter and Professional) and the new division of features between these plans became effective from November 13, 2019. The old plans (Pro, Team, Garage or Business) purchased before November 13, 2019 are now called “legacy plans."

Learn more about the new pricing plans.

What if I have an active Pro, Team, Garage or Business?

If you have one of these legacy plans, you can keep paying the same price for them and keep the feature set. 

What if I want to add a new member in the legacy plan?

If you have an active legacy plan, you can add new members for the same price.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my legacy plan?

If you decide to upgrade, downgrade or pause your subscription,  you will need to choose from the new pricing plans.

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