4 types of Team member roles

NOTE: Solo and Teamwork plan support only two member roles: the Member(Owner) and the Collaborator. Members are able to do everything the Owner can except managing the subscription.    

There are 4 types of user roles: Owner, Member, Collaborator, and Guest.


This user can:

  • access all projects and designs
  • invite/delete other users from the team
  • change roles of other users
  • access Billing settings, upgrade, downgrade or cancel the subscription

NOTE: If you need to change the owner of the team, please email us at team@avocode.com.


This user can:

  • access projects they have been invited to
  • inspect, view, share, and comment on designs
  • invite/delete other users  


These users can:

  • access projects and designs shared with them
  • invite/delete other users from the team
  • change roles of other team members

NOTE: In the Solo and Teamwork plan, Member has the same rights as the the Owner.


The Guest user team role is perfect for clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

This user can:

  • access to projects they have been invited to
  • view and comment on designs

How to change a team member's status?

Managing admin access and different access permissions is possible in the the Team members settings.

1. Navigate to the Team members settings

2. Click on the cog icon next to the member you want to manage to: 

  • Change user role
  • Edit project access permissions 
  • Convert to Guest user 
  • Remove from Team

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