Describe new design file 

When you sync a new design to a project, you can simply describe it.

Your description will appear as a name of the version in the version switcher (see above). If you don’t fill in the design description, the version will be named generically as Version 1.

Describe and updated design file (new design version)

Whenever you import a new design version you can describe it like in the case of a new file. Include what’s new and what might be still missing so the rest of your team stays informed. Describe the change and hit SAVE.

NOTE: The version description will be visible to your entire team and can be changed by any team member but not Guest users.

You can also change descriptions even back in time. Just click on the version switcher (above) and click "Add description" or "Edit description."

Additionally Avocode shows you what artboards have been:

  • added
  • removed
  • update
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