What can Guest users do?

The Guest user team role is perfect for clients, colleagues and stakeholders who only need to open and comment on designs. These users cannot inspect, add designs, and download the source files.

How to invite Guest users?

1. Make sure you're either in the Team plan or in the Enterprise plan

  • If you're in the Team or Enterprise plan, you can invite Guest users at no extra charge.

2. Go to your Team settings (or just hit MANAGE TEAM) and add new e-mail address.

NOTE: You can also invite multiple people at once, but if you want to give them different roles or permissions, you need to invite them separately.

  1. Click on “INVITE” and select Guest (Free)

Once you send the invite, the Guest user has to accept it and create an Avocode account to join your team. Until then, the invitation is pending.

Manage Guest users' permissions to projects

You can always change the project permissions of any Guest user. Just go to your Team settings, click on the cogwheel next to the Guest user and click on Edit permissions.

NOTE: You can even edit the permissions while the invitation is pending.

Then select the projects which you want the Guest to be able to access and hit SAVE.

Convert a Guest user to a Team member

Once the Guest user has accepted the invitation, you can make them a Team member.

  • A Team member is able to add new designs and inspect designs. 
  • A Team member role is paid, therefore your subscription will increase by the rate of your current pricing and depending on your billing period (monthly/yearly).

NOTE: You can learn more about how we prorate for adding/removing team members here.

Convert an existing Team member to a Guest

If someone from your team doesn't need to add new designs or inspect designs, you can always convert them to a Guest. If you do so, your subscription rate will be decreased depending on your pricing plan (and prorated depending on the time in the billing period).

NOTE: You can learn more about how we prorate for adding/removing team members here.

Learn more about pricing and legacy subscription plans

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