Static and Dynamic Guides

Guides help you measure distances between elements precisely. Guides appear as non-printed lines that float over the image. There are two types of guides in Avocode:

  • Static Guides are created in Photoshop or Sketch by the designer and are synced into Avocode. You can only show or hide them, but you can't move or delete them.
  • Dynamic Guides are created directly in Avocode. You can move, show/hide, delete and create them as you want.

Show Guides

Your design might contain some additional Guides that could help you inspect it. In order to display them on top of the design, go to the bottom right corner, click on Guides, and select Designers Guides.

You can hide and show Guides by using the keyboard shortcut CMD/CTRL + R.

Create new Guides

When you're displaying Guides (see section above) you can also create your own. Just select My Guides in the Guides dropdown. Then pull either horizontal or vertical Guides from the ruler on the top and left side of your Design View and position them where you want. 

Hide Guides

You can hide Guides in the Guides dropdown or with the CMD/CTRL + R shortcut.


Delete Guides

Either select a Guide with Select tool and hit Backspace or drag it to the top and left side of your Design View.
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