Access Project settings

Project settings modal shows up each time when you hit the blue button that says Add project

Change Project Name

There is a predefined name which you can change just by clicking on the input and typing anything like “World Redesign”.  😉

Change Platform

Avocode recognizes 3 different project platforms, based on what you're building.

  • Web - Dimensions will be in px and color format in HEX as defaults
  • iOS - Dimensions will be in pt and color format in UIcolor as defaults
  • Android - Dimensions will be in dp and color format in HEX8 as defaults

The platform presets dimensions units and color format for all designs within your design. 

NOTE: Project settings will be synced with the entire team.

However, you can always open the Design Settings and change the units and color format for each design while you're inspecting it.

How to change Project Settings?

How to create a new project?

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