In order to explore all of Avocode shortcuts, go to App Preferences (CMD/CTR + ,) and switch to the Shortcuts tab. 

Hit “?” to quickly launch Shortcuts.

There are 6 types of shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts to get you up and running.

1. General

Open a new tab: CMD + T or CMD + N 

Open App Preferences: CMD/CTRL + ,

Switch to the next tab: CTRL + TAB

2. Project Manager

Go back: BACKSPACE or CMD + UP

Quick preview of a selected item: SPACE

Search: CMD/CTRL + F

Delete a design (project): CMD + BACKSPACE

3. Design View

Toggle side panels: TAB

Toggle toolbar: T

Zoom in: CMD/CRL + +

Zoom out: CMD/CRL + -

4. Tools

Hand Tool: H or SPACE

Select Tool: V

Measure Tool: R or ALT

Color Picker: I

Slice Tool: S

5. Guides

Toggle Guides: CMD/CTRL + R

Delete a Guide: DELETE (make sure you have selected the Guide you want to delete)

6. Export

Export selected layers: CMD/CTRL + S

Export Rules: CMD/CTRL + ENTER

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