When you have “E-mail Notifications” enabled, you will receive an automated e-mail for each every new event in Avocode. You can either turn these notifications off or leave it enabled and customize which notifications you wish to receive.

Web App

1. Navigate into your Account Settings

2. Enable/disable all e-mail notifications

3. Or turn on/off just specific type of notifications


Old Web Manager [Deprecated at the end of September, 2017]

Turn on/off all e-mail notifications 

First go to your Avocode Manager and click on the “My Notficiations” in the left navigation bar.

Manage notifications by type

You can unsubscribe from any type of notification like when someone renames a project, solves a note or adds a revision. Enable/disable particular types of notifications in the “Notifications” section.

NOTE: To make this work, check that you have “E-mail Notifications” enabled.

Manage notifications by projects

Perhaps not all projects in your team are relevant to you. If that is the case, you can enable/disable notifications from particular projects. 

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