☝🏼 New Sketch plugin to upload designs

We are working on improving the Sketch extension. We already have a working prototype of a new simplified plugin which should be released in the beginning of April, 2017.

☝🏼 New Account Settings

Currently we're working on new Account Settings which will give your team a more intuitive way to invite new members, manage permissions and your billing.

☝🏼 Integration of project notifications with Slack channels

If you're in the Business or Enterprise plan, soon you will find a new Slack button in each project in Avocode. If you click on it, you will be able easily pair particular projects with specific channels in your Slack.

UPDATE: We released this feature in 2.13.6. You can download this version here.

☝🏼 Fully-featured Avocode in the browser

Soon you won't need to download and install the Avocode desktop app to inspect designs. We imagine design hand-off as easy as getting a link to a PSD in your Slack, clicking on it and opening a fully rendered design in the browser, ready to inspect and export assets.

☝🏼 Sketch files direct upload

We're improving our rendering engine in order to be able to parse and render entire Sketch design files. Once we have this in the app, you will be able to drag & drop Sketch files to upload them. We already have a working prototype...

If you have any suggestion to our future roadmap, please create new ideas on our UserVoice or drop us a line at team@avocode.com. Thanks! 🙌🏼

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