☝🏼 Sketch files direct upload

We're improving our rendering engine in order to be able to parse and render entire Sketch design files. Once we have this in the app, you will be able to drag & drop Sketch files to upload them. We already have a working prototype...

☝🏼 Adobe Xd support

We're working with the Adobe Xd team to integrate it with Avocode, so you can inspect Adobe Xd designs in Avocode.

☝🏼 Illustrator support

We started to research the possibility of supporting Adobe Illustrator files in Avocode.

☝🏼 Powerful design organization

A lot of users requested better organizational features. We already have a working prototype, hopefully we'll be able to release it as soon as possible.

☝🏼 Real Dropbox and Google Drive integration

Proper integration with these two frequently file storage services is being developed at the moment.

If you have any suggestion to our future roadmap, please create new ideas on our UserVoice or drop us a line at team@avocode.com. Thanks! 🙌🏼

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