Inspect tool for developers

You can open and inspect Photoshop/Sketch designs without Photoshop or Sketch at all. 

You can precisely measure distances and sizes in pt, px or dp, scale and export images in SVG, PNG and JPEG, WebP and Base64, pick colors in HEX, RGBA, UIColor, and HEX8, turn layer styles to code (CSS, Sass, Less, SCSS, Stylus, CSS in JS, Swift, Android), export text and get font information, and create variables.

Design hand-off tool for designers

You can upload Sketch and Photoshop designs into one place, keep design versions together and share designs with the appropriate people. You don't have to prepare any assets for coding and describe them in long style guides and e-mails. The developer can simply come in and export all assets on their own. They can set all of the resolutions for pictures they want, the correct color format, and units for measurements.

Collaboration & version control system for anyone

Keep your design versions organized and your team in sync. Upload new design versions, invite and include all appropriate stakeholders (freelancers, clients, managers). Give pixel perfect feedback and get notified via Slack when something changes (new comment, new design, new design revision).

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